“The word ‘passion’ is often tossed around casually as something necessary for great work. What’s ignored is that the root of passion means ‘to suffer.’ When you are passionate about something, it means you are willing if necessary- to suffer a bit on behalf of it, because you care so deeply. Great contributors have discovered a productive passion, or an outcome that they are so committed to that it fuels and animates their work.”

Todd Henry

The Accidental Creative


“The bankrupt of my nation is the one who would come on the Day of Judgment with prayers, fasting, and zakah, but who had offended one person, slandered another, devoured others’ wealth, shed the blood of this person, and beat that person.” Muslim


Explore. Create. Give yourself as much room to fail, as well as the room to succeed. Use a little of the old while ushering in a whole lot of the new. Develop into your own opinion leader. Need no approval. Be courageous. Be humble. Be loving. Be respectful. Learn about everything. Remember there is more than one truth. The best armor in life is self-love and respect. Don’t trap yourself with the desire of wanting to be liked. Be respected. Trust yourself to be your own confidant. Tell yourself yes more often than no. Don’t take this world personally. Know that every person you come across has something powerful to teach you, especially enemies. Never fail to deliver on your word. Never make yourself smaller for ANYONE. This world is yours in any way that suits you.

Jada Pinkett Smith, via Facebook.

O young man! You do not amount to anything. Islam (submission to the will of Allah) has not become completely real for you, yet it is the foundation upon everything is built. The profession of faith has not become completely real for you. You say: “There is no god but Allah”, but you are lying. Your fears of your ruler and your local governor are gods. Your reliance on your earned income and your profit, on your power and your strength, on your hearing and your sight and your energy, all are gods. Your ways of viewing creatures as the source of injury and benefit, of giving and witholding, are also gods. Many people talk about these things in their hearts, while they appear that they are talking about the Lord of Truth. Their mentioning the Lord of Truth has become a habit for their tongues, not for their hearts. When they are challenged to this score, they fly into a rage and day: “How can such things be said of us? Are we not Muslims?” Tomorrow the shameful acts will be disclosed, and things kept hidden will be revealed.”
(from ‘Al-Fath ar-Rabbani’, 15th discource, by Shaikh Abd Al-Qadr Al-Jilani)

“In the last twenty-three years, from the day I was stripped of my judgeship to the years doing battle in the revolutionary courts of Tehran, I had repeated one refrain: an interpretation of Islam that is in harmony with equality and democracy as an authentic expression of faith.”
Shirin Ebadi, Iran Awakening