The 21 day Mental Health Challenge

Hello friends and (after a long absence), welcome back to Chai Chat!

For the next twenty one days, I’ll be doing a mental health challenge and writing about my experiences and reflections here (and my FB page). The reasons for this are quite simple: I want to be be healthier and I want to do my bit in promoting mental health.  Regarding the former, I want to develop healthier habits through consistent practice and planning (I am a firm believer in pre-meditated happiness) and about the latter, I want to explore issues surrounding mental health today.

What will the challenge look like? I’ve broken down the challenge into key focus areas:

Physical: building physical strength, increasing levels of endorphins

-eat greens every day in form of a salad, smoothie, or in stir fries/steamed veg

-drink 1.5 L of water

-exercise, including 30min of yoga daily, walking 7000 steps, and 20 min strength training/HIIT exercises every 2 days

-getting enough sleep (aiming for 7 hours)

Spiritual: surrendering to a greater power than myself

-reading Quran for 15min every morning, every day

-I already pray consistently (5 times a day) but I will incorporate a meditation practice for 5 min after every prayer

Psychological: building emotional and psychological resilience, being more organised

-writing in my gratitude journal every night

-writing 3 goals for the next day every night, no matter now small they may seem

-switch off from Facebook and Instagram by 8pm every night to quiet the chatter

-read every night before bed to help me relax and unwind

-doing something new or different every week

-writing in my blog/FB every day to track my progress. This is also an opportunity for me to write more consistently (and hopefully, more fearlessly with time)


Social: leaning in on others

-reaching out to family, friends and professionals for advise or help

-volunteering once a week in any capacity as time permits

I’ve already created my daily template in my trusty bullet journal to help visualise my ideal day and I will be breaking it down as I progress with each day, inshallah.

Thank you for coming on this 21 day journey with me and as always, please do feel free to chime in at any point along the way.






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