You are loved

don’t let anyone change you
turn you into a bitter,

don’t let the hurt get to your innocence;
the kind that is pure
and untouched
and holy

don’t let those words
pierce your heart, my love
you see-you are enough


are extraordinary

if it’s empathy that you need, show it
if it’s courage that you want, grow it
if it’s compassion that you seek, give it

afterall, isn’t this the irony of life?
to be broken over and over again
so that the cracks can let light in,
and rebuild us
from something to nothing to something

just remember.
that through all the aches and the pain
the dark days that seem never to end
the betrayals, the disappointments and misunderstood sentiments.

you are loved.
you are loved.
you are loved.





5 thoughts on “You are loved

  1. The most awakening realization that I made in my life is my need to practice some self love. “your kids need a happy mom” I was told. My eyes were opened. However, the hardest thing to learn for me is HOW to practice self love. Alot of people don’t. Just that I know I need is enough to make me realize I am on my way there.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. The how is often the greatest challenge, isn’t it? I’ve found a lot of great ideas on pinterest and also through reading. Its def a topic worth writing about. Thanks for reading!


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