3 things I loved this week

1. This week’s episode of Modern Love, one of my favorite podcasts, is one of the best that I have listened to from the series.  “A Dose of Empathy from My Syrian Doctor” is the story of Randi, a woman with incurable motor neurone disease, and her Syrian doctor. Years after Randi’s medical diagnosis, the disease hasn’t progressed, yet she constantly contemplates her death. This thought scares her but she finds steady comfort in her doctor who constantly reassures her “You are fine.” When three Muslim students are killed in North Carolina and  a Muslim couple opens fire in San Bernadino, California, her doctor worries. Being Muslim, it’s becoming increasingly unsafe for him and his family. The doctor worries about his family left in war-torn Syria. Yet with the face of danger looming over his life, he is the epitome of hope. Randi is grateful:

“But if had taught me anything, it was that comfort resides in the rituals of care. The steady application of optimism, the shivering light of faith, and the fact that I was still ok.”

2. This magnificent tree in my neighborhood. The web of branches looks like it holds so much wisdom.


3. I found a new Youtube channel that I love. Lavendaire is a lifestyle channel hosted by the charming Aileen Xu. Aileen obviously puts a lot of effort into her videos: they are aesthetically pleasing and packed with valuable information. It helps too that her voice is so soothing. I often find myself relaxing into sleep with her speaking in the background (free therapy for stressed-out moments!)  Check it out and let me know what you think.


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