Escape From the City: Bath & Stonehenge

Oh, Bath, how I love thee….


A view of the Roman Baths across the River Avon


My brother and sister-in-law recently visited me from the States so I decided that a trip to Bath and Stonehenge would be a great addition to their London itinerary.  We booked a bus tour and the next morning, we headed out from Victoria Station.

As soon as we drove out of London, I could literally feel my shoulders relaxing just so. London, I love you, but the grind can wear one out after a while.


As we approached Bath, the tour guide gave us a detailed history of the city. I’ll spare you the history lesson but I should mention that Jane Austen’s novel ‘Persuasion’ was set in this city. Right…. moving on.


Gorgeous sunny day at the riverside park


Once we arrived in Bath, I was surprised to see how architectural the city actually was. There were magnificent old building all around and they were set in the most picturesque surroundings. We had two hours for walking around so I tried to take as many pictures as I could.


Mystics waters..



Bath Cathedral


Later, we dug into some luscious mussels and chunky chips at the charming Riverside Cottage right by the River Avon. The food was so delicious and the view was overwhelmingly beautiful.


Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to visit the famous Roman baths; which actually makes the perfect excuse for me to re-visit this gorgeous city.  I must admit though that next time I go, I will go by train or car and make an entire day trip of it. Two hours are barely enough to scratch the surface of Bath.

After Bath, we made our way to Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. It was an interesting ride and we got to see quaint little English villages along the way. The sun was beginning to set so by the time we got there so we didn’t have much time to take good shots of the famous stones. Here’s one I managed to get. img-20160923-wa0046

Most of the tour party was exhausted by the time we pulled out of Salisbury and even the noisiest chatterboxes kept quiet on our way back to London. It was already 8pm by the time we arrived back to the capital and although we were knackered to the bone, we were happy.

Was it worth it?  Yes!  I’ll definitely (God-willing) go back to Bath soon but I’ll probably save Stonehenge for when the kids are old enough to understand the significance of these historical stones.

(Pictures taken on my humble Samsung S6)


3 thoughts on “Escape From the City: Bath & Stonehenge

  1. This so beautiful. Having read so much about Bath and how the “who’s who” would go there to enjoy the restorative waters. For some reason, it takes me back to Jane Austin’s novels…..(don’t want to wonder to far to Darcy) 😛


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