My current podcast obsessions

A few months ago, I was whining to my Facebook friends about not having  time to read.  “Why don’t you listen to podcasts when you can’t hold a book to read?” someone suggested helpfully.  At the time I hadn’t embraced the podcast lifestyle but as soon I downloaded Stitcher on my Android phone, I was hooked. When I’m at work, on the train, or at home doing my chores, I put on my earphones and listen to some of the most interesting shows I’ve ever heard. It’s like reading a good book or having a lively discussion with your bff. Here are 3 of the top podcasts on my playlist…

School of Greatness

Best for: Motivating you to live to your full potential

Why you’ll probably love it too: If you want to hear about people who have done great things with their lives, go ahead and put a star on this podcast in your playlist; I promise that you’ll be coming back for more and more doses of motivation. Lewis Howes delivers top notch interviews with contemporary greats from all professions. He is passionate, curious, and energetic; each interview is unique but all of them are equally informative and engaging.

My best episode so farTracy McMillan on Why Relationships Are Meant to Trigger Us


Best for: Answering questions about human behaviour

Why you’ll probably love it too: I love learning about what makes us behave the way we do and if you read my blog regularly, you most likely do too. This podcast examines the underlying forces of human psychology (ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions) that create our individual and collective realities. There are several behaviours that may come across to others as ‘odd’; Invisibalia attempts to explain these oddities through real-life stories and scientific evidence. My favorite thing about this podcast is its exploration of outliers- the people who do not fall under the ‘normal’ categories of society. The podcast content may be nerdy but it’s anything but boring. It’s like watching a thrilling documentary inside the theater of your mind.

My best episode so farHow to Become Batman

Modern Love

Best for: Exploring the millions of ways love affects us

Why you’ll probably love it too: These are short essays read out by notable celebrities and it explores all the joys and tribulations that come with love.  What is most striking about this series to me is that there are no complicated plots of Shakespearean proportions-just regular people like you and me whose lives were changed forever because of this powerful emotion. Whether you are newly in-love, a veteran lover, divorced, widowed; whether you are a close range parent or a distant parent; or whether you are celebrating love or grieving loss, this podcast makes you realise that you are not alone in trying to make it through life with your heart intact.

My best episode so far:  In Darkness And In Light

How about you-do you have any podcasts that you enjoy listening to?


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