Guest post: Today is good

​A few years back, I was sitting in the car with my wife at a car park talking.  We were puzzled and confused, excited and bewildered, and desperately trying to make sense of a certain event that left us questioning what life was all about.

In the midst of all our intense discussion, I suddenly felt a presence of someone outside the car window. As I turned to face the window, an old Sikh gentleman wearing a big turban and long white beard stood there staring at me with a big smile on his face. He had appeared out of nowhere.

I was surprised at this intruder but I smiled back at him anyway; I was keen to know what he was upto.  In my city,  you hardly see a Sikh out and about begging, so I couldn’t help but wonder what this old man was up to.

“Hello Sir. How are you?” I said. “Hello” he replied back. He continued to stand and he continued to smile. He lowered his face and looked into my window.

 ” Sir !” he said. “Today is good”

He stopped talking and started smiling again. “Today is good, Today is good” he kept repeating the words. Before I could say anything back, he walked off.

I turned to my left to face my wife and all I could see was her big green eyes glowing back at me with disbelief. She had the most excited face I have ever seen.

 ” Whaaaaaat?! Whaat was all that about?” I asked.

 “Signs ! Signs ! Signs!” She answered excitedly back.

“What signs?” I asked.

“That old man right there –  who is now walking away- that is all signs. Did you hear what he said to you? Out of nowhere, he came to you. He left all he was doing, and left all the other people in this car park, and came straight to you and to you alone  just to tell you “TODAY IS GOOD”. Look at him, he isn’t approaching anyone else.  He is  walking away into oblivion.If that is not a sign, then I dont know what is. What that man is trying to  you is that there is no better day than today, meaning you have to  live in the present. What else is there to be said?”
After that we looked at each other with big smiles on our faces, sighing with relief and gratitude.

A few years down the line as I sit on my desk remembering that event, I can’t help but to smile and agree with what the old Sikh man told me: TODAY IS GOOD. 
His message was short, but it was loud and clear. If you want to do something with your life, do not wait for tomorrow. Do you know why? Because TODAY IS GOOD.

Fall in love, get a new job, move to another city, conceive, get a hair cut, go for Hajj, travel the world; do whatever that is good for you and for humanity. Do it, do it today. 
If you are not willing to do it today, then you are not going to do it  tomorrow, because whatever excuse you have today, you’ll still have tomorrow. 

Maybe you’ll have the same excuse 20 years from now, you may even leave this life holding on to the same excuse. 

Post written by my husband, Anwar Bhalo. You can find him on Facebook (Anwar Juma Bhalo, he accepts all requests) or find him writing Swahili poetry on his blog:


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