When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons, turn that shizz upside down and go make something fabulous for yourself. Bake a cake topped with fresh flowers and rainbow sprinkles, learn a new language (Italian/Arabic/HTML, whatever), volunteer, write, travel, reacquaint yourself with The Higher Power, turn your balcony into a botanical garden, start a bookclub, sign up for a dance class, listen to amazing podcasts while you work out/cook/commute  (I highly recommend ‘The School of Greatness’), immerse yourself in an adult coloring book, meet people- HUG LIFE.

The whole point is not to lose momentum when the going gets tough. Move-physically, mentally, spiritually, socially- constantly. Grow. Don’t sweep sadness under a rug and pretend that it’s not there-ignoring it will only make it bigger.  Take it into your arms and whisper love and hope into its ears:
“We will get through this together”

Then take Inspiration to the side and politely request it to lead the way out of this tunnel of darkness. Create something beautiful from your struggles and  never, ever, let a crisis go to waste.

No one deserves more love from you than yourself.


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