Sleep: the great escape


I’ve been there before: the kind of hurt that is so intense, it makes you want to sleep forever. It is the worst feeling, to be alive yet as dead inside as a hollowed out trunk.
Every second you spend awake is another second in mind hell. It keeps repeating itself over and over in your head, this pleading…”please make if go away, please make it go away, please make it go away.”
You sleep for 10 hours and wake up exhausted, depleted of hope and a will to face another day. You get on your knees and cry the angriest tears you can summon deep from the cavities of your chest. You pray for strength to endure the next 5 minutes.
You live.
And before you know it, one day goes by. Then a week, then a month, then a year. And just like that, you wake up one day with purpose and hope. And joy, not because everything is wonderful, but because the sweetness of life is greater for having tasted the most bitter side of your existence. Those that stood by you in your darkest hour become your greatest blessing, and those that left teach you a lesson in humility. Either way:
You won.


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