The Donge Grand Iftar


Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group hosted a Grand Iftar this past Sunday in honor of the orphans that we’ve been visiting during this month of Ramadhan. It was a packed event that saw 150 orphans and 250 members of the Mombasa community sit together to break the  day’s fast together.
There was a live nasheed orchestra and Quran recitations presented by our little orphan angels. Speeches were also given by leaders of the local community including Hon. Abdulswamad, Suleiman Shahbal and Saad Faraj. Our very own treasurer,  Mbarak, MC’d the event with much enthusiasm and energy.
The volunteers worked very hard to see this event run seamlessly. Their efforts paid off- all our guests gave very positive feedback regarding the event. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there myself but we did have live streaming so I didn’t feel left out.
We had a busy Sunday and by midnight we (the organizers and volunteers) were very tired but very, very, happy.
If you donated or volunteered for this event, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your  contribution.

(If you’d like to find out more about Donge’s charitable activities, please visit our website


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