T is for happiness

Anyone who knows me knows that my love for tea know no bounds- my blog title is pretty much a dead give away for my obsession. It was therefore only natural that, during a quick run to the local shopping mall, a bright, big storefront with pretty boxes of tea caught my attention. Instead of walking straight ahead to the drugstore, I walked right into the open arms of T2.
A pretty sales lady with perfect red lipstick and cat eyeliner beckoned me in. “Would you like to taste some of our most popular teas?,” she asks with a cheerful smile. “Yes, sure,” I respond enthusiastically eying the beautiful pitchers of ice tea so colorful, you’d think they were painted. The ‘Green Detox’ was good, the ‘Strawberry+Turkish Apple’ was amazing. This was the kind of ice tea that would be perfect for a summer afternoon spent surrounded by the people you love.

There were display tables scattered around and on them were the most interesting teapots and teacups; rarely do I come across drinking vessels that make me feel so excited. Big, bold colors, intricate arabesque designs, Chinese motifs, traditional English scenaries: the tea sets looked spectacular.


At the edges of the tables were small tins holding an assortment of loose teas.
And to my absolute delight, there were also beautiful books casually arranged between teacups. Now that’s my idea of a perfect day: book in one hand, teacup in another.

If there was a (commercial) heaven on earth, T2 would be it.

(pictures taken at the T2 in Shepherd’s Bush Westfields, London)


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