The opposite of peace is having no internet

My laptop is broken. My smart phone won’t work. My internet has been acting up. And I feel so handicapped, it’s scary. I am writing this on a ‘borrowed’ laptop (thanks Hunky!) but I can’t help feel that my fingers are not quite as relaxed, and therefore my brain is not as ‘playful’ as it was on my own electronic devices. It’s nice to take a break from all the modern technology, but one can only vacation so much before getting all antsy and moody. I look forward to getting my laptop and internet fixed up so that I can go back to writing on my familiar e-environment (is that even a word?) In the meantime, I’ll try to post shorter pieces and reblog articles that I find inspiring.

Have you had to be torn away from your smart devices/computers recently? How did that make you feel?


7 thoughts on “The opposite of peace is having no internet

  1. Hahaha now I know that I am not alone. Every time I leave school to go home to my parents, i promise myself to take an internet break. It doesn’t last long long… maybe a day and during that day, my smart phone will be on hand. Although there is a computer at home, I have to bring my laptop. No other keyboard will work. It is liberating though if i am in a place with no network at all. Then I am have no choice. i love the feeling of freedom or not having to answer to anyone but then, that doesn’t last more than 2 days either.


  2. I try very hard not to be THAT connected to my phone but then when it comes to the internet, that’s a whole different ball game . I guess I do try to *wean* myself of the technology and spend more time outdoors whenever the weather permits us here in the Big White North….


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