Every breath is a second chance

Every breath is a 2nd chance:
To give your bad mood a makeover.
To stop checking your 401(k) balance.
To wean yourself off of Wolf Blizter.
To remember the cloth grocery bag instead of leaving them in the car.
To break out of an old holding pattern.
To cultivate compassion from the inside out-we all need a little Me Tenderizer.
To shrink your elastic waistband.
To become a dog person (or cat or bird…any pet really).
To read yourself around the world if you can’t afford a ticket.
To bail yourself out of debt.
To talk face to face instead of Facebook.
To change the plot of your life story.
To do a somersault-how long has it been?
To give wings to your grounded dreams.

(borrowed from  an old magazine..name unknown)Image


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