O young man! You do not amount to anything. Islam (submission to the will of Allah) has not become completely real for you, yet it is the foundation upon everything is built. The profession of faith has not become completely real for you. You say: “There is no god but Allah”, but you are lying. Your fears of your ruler and your local governor are gods. Your reliance on your earned income and your profit, on your power and your strength, on your hearing and your sight and your energy, all are gods. Your ways of viewing creatures as the source of injury and benefit, of giving and witholding, are also gods. Many people talk about these things in their hearts, while they appear that they are talking about the Lord of Truth. Their mentioning the Lord of Truth has become a habit for their tongues, not for their hearts. When they are challenged to this score, they fly into a rage and day: “How can such things be said of us? Are we not Muslims?” Tomorrow the shameful acts will be disclosed, and things kept hidden will be revealed.”
(from ‘Al-Fath ar-Rabbani’, 15th discource, by Shaikh Abd Al-Qadr Al-Jilani)


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