Where is the Love?

While browsing through youtube recently, I came across a song by Zain Bikha that captured my attention.

The essence of this rythmically energizing song is that before we can turn to God to change our lives around, we need to take personal initiative to be kind towards our fellow human beings. Our lives are full of pain and suffering and it is easy for many people to question “Where is God?” I think the question should be “Where am I?”.  How are you contributing to the pain and suffering and what can you do to make your world a nicer one to live in? We have prayed and fasted but have we helped the orphan and the needy today?

Have we bit our tongue and resisted the urge to speak of others maliciously?

Have we said kind words to our significant others, our children, our neighbors and co-workers?

Have we forgiven even the worst thing that was done to us or are we clinging on to anger?

Have we been responsible caretakers of our environment?

Have we offered our smiles to others?

Often times we get so caught up on the rituality of religion that we forget that the minute-by-minute living we do is also part of worship. Let us be mindful of the little things we do everyday. Let’s put back the love in our lives.


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